How to Draw a Robot From Geometric Shapes is a 20 page booklet full of step-by-step instructions. It has a supply list and a Bible connection.

Geometry comes from God because God created everything. The definition of Geometry is: the prefix Geo means “earth” and the suffix metric means “measurement.” Put them together and you get the idea that to do Geometry means to literally “measure the earth.”

Grades 3- 6th

Learning Objectives

• Use various geometric shapes to create robots.

• Observe three-dimensional objects and see if they are geometric or organic shapes.

• Look for simple shapes in objects.

• Use fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in drawing lines using markers.

Use Scissors to cut geometric shapes

Trace cut paper shapes to create robots

Draw geometric shapes to create robots


Variety of colored paper

9” x 12” or larger sheet of white construction paper or marker paper

Black permanent markers

Colored markers


Pencils and erasers

Geometric objects found in your house

Geometric shapes of Christian Life

Geometric shape concepts can be found in the Bible. Here are some of the ways the Bible uses geometric shapes.


Faith, hope and love, in I Corinthians is a great example of a triangle Christian concept.

Bible Verse

I Corinthians 13:13

“faith, hope and love, these three, and the greatest of these is love”


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