Frequently Asked Questions

1. Tell us about your art lessons and resources for kids!

First, I sell online video art lessons and courses on-demand (watch anytime). They are what you would get if you were here in my studio or in my art classes. I can come into your home and be your personal art teacher through the video classes. Once or twice a week, I show up in a private Facebook group, which is included if you purchase the art classes or a course, to answer questions, get ideas for classes, see what everyone is creating, and do live demonstrations.

The Private Facebook Group is only for those who sign up and it is our private community for parents and students to come and meet each other.

Second, I sell do-it-yourself digital downloadable art lesson plans. 

All of the classes and lessons have easy to follow, detailed step-by-step instructions. I do include information about the subject like penguins or the ocean or history lessons on famous artist. All of the lessons have a connection with God and the Bible. Some have a Bible story and others just have scriptures. 

2. What types of art do you teach kids?

How to draw and paint with watercolor, oil pastels, acrylic paint, and markers. We also do collage like the book author/illustrator Eric Carle.

3.You have different lessons for all ages and grades – what types of art are kids capable of learning at different ages and different skill levels?

Directed drawing can be done at all ages. My “How to draw series” is directed drawing.

I have divided all the classes or lesson plans into K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th- 8th, or older. One of the complaints I have heard from parents is, “How do I find a safe place on the Internet for my child to learn? 

The online video classes are on a secure platform where you need a username and password to get in, and I’m the only one, at this time, you can interact with. On the platform, you can ask me questions and show me your art. 

4.What inspires you as an artist? Who is the greatest Artist of all?

Our all-mighty God is the greatest Artist of all!

The world around me inspires me to draw and create. God created the most amazing world. The more we look and learn about every flower, chipmunk, puffer fish, or mountain, the more in awe I am. I worship what God has made by creating art to bless others. Look around the room art is everywhere. And Artist created the flower pattern on your dress or the tablecloth, pattern on a coffee cup, swim suite, the car we drive, and the computer we are on right now.

Other artist I admire or inspire me: 

Vincent Van Gough – Be paint strokes and lot’s of Paint

Romero Britto – I like Pop Art

Henri Rousseau – I love animals

M.C. Escher – Graphic artist

Dr. Seuss – Children’s books

Jan Brett – Children’s books

Jess Miller – Procreate illustrator

Maurice Sendak – Children’s books

Ian Falconer – Children’s books

Bill Watterson – Calvin and Hobbes Cartoon

Well the list goes on.

5.If kids want to become proficient at art as a career, what steps can they take now to get there?

A daily drawing and painting habit is a great way to start. Many students don’t know where to start. I can help with that. I have drawing prompts and challenges. Some children and teens grow as an artist with ideas and accountability. 

Some kids just want to draw fun stuff. I’ve got you covered with that. Other kids want to draw real-life objects and do photographic art, I do some of that for my older students, but for K-8th, I stick to fun art at this time. I guess because that is the illustrator in me. I just want to have fun!!

I have had students ask for a how-to-draw animals class, which is in the works, but not ready at this time.

Hi I’m Karen if you still want to know a little mroe about me here is a video.

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