Just like I promised, art classes for the whole family.

The new Online (watch any time) Art Classes are 🌈 color-coded, blue for 🔵 beginner, yellow for 🟠 intermediate, and red for more 🔴 advanced. Anyone one can be a beginner. If you have been drawing and painting for a while you could be intermediate or advanced.

The classes are divided into those categories because I have had teens and adults take some of the beginner drawing classes because, after all, you’ve gotta start somewhere. The video lessons are on-demand watch anytime and have also been categorized by medium, like watercolor, drawing, acrylic, and more.

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Christian Art Lessons were created to help Homeschooling Parents, Art Teachers, and PTA parents who need some help with art lesson plans. Art can enrich a classroom or a homeschooling program. My art lessons come with a materials list, learning objectives, examples, Bible verses and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. I have taught art classes in public schools, private schools, art galleries and in my private studio.

Ho to Draw a doodle flower watercolor
Snorkle Underwater Art Project

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CELEBRATING Kids art this week

We are CELEBRATING kids art this week! Mrs. Smith Class Sandy’s granddaughters I also have a Gallery celebrating some of my students. I love to show off everyone’s art projects. Please take a photo of your art and send it to me so I can show off your artistic genius.

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