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Sun Art Lesson in Scratch Board and Oil Pastels


This is a mixed media project with oil pastel and paint.

This 11-page booklet has a list of learning objectives, step-by-step instructions, material list, and practice pages. It also includes a short history of the scratchboard techniques

In the Bible, Joshua was fighting a big battle against five kings and all of their warriors. Joshua needed more time to win, so he prayed to the Lord to help. God did help him by making the sun stand still and stopped the moon from rising. The day was much longer allowing Joshua and his army to win the battle.

I love summer because the sun stays out longer which make the days longer. The sun always gives me energy. What do you like most about the sun?

Grades 6th -8th

2 to 3-day project (45 minutes a day)

Learning Objectives

• Discuss what you like most about the sun.

• Discuss how God helps those who pray and ask for help.

• Use of mixed media

• Use contrast (positive and negative) to create an image.

• Use 5 colors to create color harmony and design.

• Discuss “what is a color scheme?”.


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