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Picasso’s Thanksgiving Turkey

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This is a 21-page booklet includes Bible Verse, Thanksgiving worksheet, History of Cubism and 4 artists, and Turkeys.

This is a 21-page booklet includes Bible Verse and worksheet, Thanksgiving, Cubism and 4 artists, and Turkeys.

Also includes:

  • Teaching tips
  • Examples
  • Coloring page
  • Step-by-step drawing and painting instructions
  • Practice sheets
  • FAQ about turkeys

There is a coloring page for K-2nd if you do not want to teach the drawing part of the lesson.

Grades 3rd-6th

2 to 3-day project (45 minutes a day)

Learning Objectives

• Discuss Thanksgiving and how God has blessed each of us.

• Make a list of Blessings

• Study the art of Cubism and four of the artist who painted in this style.(pages 8 to 11 is a short history of Pablo Picasso, George Braque, Paul Cézanne, and Diego Rivera)

• Use the elements of art- lines, shapes, colors & patterns in art.

• Draw a turkey with unique & fun facial features.

• Learn about parts of a turkey.


• 9” x 12” or 11” X 17” sheet white construction, watercolor paper, or tag board

• Colored markers, watercolor crayons, or watercolor paint

• Black permanent marker

• Examples of Cubism

• Pencils & large erasers

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3 reviews for Picasso’s Thanksgiving Turkey

  1. Christian Art Lessons

    October 24, 2018
    Kayaker B. Great project – Kids loved it.

  2. Christian Art Lessons

    Nice materials. From Kimberly K On February 19, 2020

  3. Christian Art Lessons

    December 10, 2020
    Extremely satisfied 5 star
    My students thoroughly enjoyed this resource! Thank you!
    3rd, 4th grades
    – Beth H.

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