Is Your Summer Fun Almost Over?

What do you like about summer? I’ll tell you what I love most about summer. It’s time to run around barefoot, getting to eat a lot of ice cream, having friends over, staying up late, playing outside, no more homework for at least a month, and the days are much longer because the sun doesn’t like to go to bed either.

Much of our summer fun is water related. Going swimming, playing in the creek, floating on a blow-up toy in the lake and even going to the beach.

Let me introduce a new lesson for the summer. If you haven’t already seen it this line lesson is also a watercolor painting of the sun.

In the Bible, Joshua was fighting a big battle against five kings and all of their warriors. Joshua needed more time to win, so he prayed to the Lord to help. God did help him by making the sun stand still and stopped the moon from rising. The day was much longer allowing

Joshua and his army to win the battle. I love summer because the sun stays out longer which make the days longer. The sun always gives me energy. What do you like most about the sun?

Grades K-3rd

1 to 2-day project (45 minutes a day)

Learning Objectives

• Discuss what you like most of about the sun.

• Discuss how God helps those who pray and ask for help.

• Use lines, shapes, and patterns to create a sun.

• Use fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in drawing lines using pencil and tracing the pencil lines with black markers.

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