Do you have a plan? Do you want one?

Do you have a plan? Do you want one?

Art Curriculum Elements of Art 101
Most parents want a plan, so I have created a plan where each lesson or week builds on the one before. The course covers Elements of Art and Principles of Design based on Nation Standards. In addition, I will provide vocabulary, examples, and full art lesson plans in a digital download PDF format.

There are 14 weeks of art classes just like being in art school. Recommended for ages K-8th grade. Ready to go right now we offer; 7 beginner (K-3rd)  classes and 7 intermediate (4th-8th) classes covering the Elements of Art. We cover line, free form shapes, geometric shapes, color, color mixing and some theroy, form, texture and pattern, and space. I will be adding classes every week. The classes range from 20 minutes to 3 hours depending on the subject or medium.

The classes are 🌈 color-coded, blue for 🔵 beginner, yellow for 🟠 intermediate, and red for 🔴 advanced.

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