Welcome to Christian Art Lessons

This is Karen and I want to welcome you to Christian Art Lessons. I am so excited we get to share my art lessons with you. I have been teaching art to children since I finished my multimedia classes in 1992. I taught my first art class right out of college, teaching summer art camps at a Montessori school in Texas.

I love teaching art. Painting and drawing are so much fun. I want everyone to experience the excitement of creating a piece of art. It is extremely fulfilling when a student says, “This is the best art camp I have ever been in!” I also love it when one of my students runs up to me at an art store and gives me a big hug, then their parents ask me for advice on paints and brushes.

This is going to be an exciting journey. I have created art curriculum for private schools and art camps for years. 

Discover Atlantis and Art Around The World were some of the themes for camp. We wrote stories and illustrated books in Crazy Creative Books.

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