Sunflower Watercolor Art Lesson

Step by Step How to paint a Sunflower

A beautiful field of sunflowers can lift our spirits and fill our hearts with joy. Growing by the warmth and light of one sun, the face of the sunflower tracks the sun’s path moving in the sky all day long. Sunflowers not only follow the sun, they resemble the sun too. What if we followed the Son of God throughout the day just like a sunflower? No matter what is going on in our lives, we can turn to the Son and open our hearts to His light.

Grades 4th-8th

1 to 2-day project (45 minutes a day)

Learning Objectives
• Draw a sunflower.
• Learn about overlapping or layering.
• Practice mixing colors.
• Use wet-in-wet technique in watercolor.


• 9” x 12” or 11” x 18” watercolor paper

• Pencils

• Erasers

• Watercolor paint

• Brushes

• Water containers

Sunflower watercolor painting Student Example1
Watercolor Sunflower painting Student Example2

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