Selfie With Santa

Selfie With Santa

This 17 page booklet has teaching tips, examples, step-by-step painting, and drawing instructions.

This lesson also includes:

  • Rubric
  • Short history of Santa Claws, St. Nicholas, Sinter Klaas, etc…
  • Santa drawing for K-2nd to copy then draw portrait
  • Elements of Art for this lesson
  • Vocabulary
  • Examples of facial features
  • Practice drawing sheets

Learning Objectives

• Experimental use of mixed media.

• Learn how to draw a Santa.

• Learn art terms related to this lesson.

• Use shading and shadow colors

• Learn to use the white of the page. (NO White Paint Allowed)

• Draw a portrait with unique & fun facial features.

• Learn to mix skin tone colors.

National Standards

Anchor Standard 2: Create personally satisfying artwork using a variety of artistic processes and materials.

Anchor Standard 3: Elaborate visual information by adding details in an artwork to enhance emerging meaning.

Anchor Standard 8: Interpret art by analyzing use of media to create subject matter, characteristics of form, and mood.

Anchor Standard 10: Create works of art that reflect community cultural traditions.


• 9” x 12” or larger white watercolor paper, construction paper, or tag board

• Fine-point black permanent markers

• Pencil and eraser

Choice of watercolor paint, markers or color pencils for coloring.

• Washable colored markers

• Watercolor paint

• Brushes

• Color pencils

• Color markers

Creating skin tones can be tricky. If you are painting mix the colors brown, yellow and red to get a good color. Use lots of water and just a little paint when painting. If you are using color pencils, mix several colors together lightly to create a desired color.

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