Christmas Tree Doodle

Christmas Tree Doodle
Christmas Doodle Zentangle Art Lesson

Merry Christmas Everyone

I love the Holidays and decided to do this FREE Christmas Line Lesson.

This 14 page booklet is for K-5th grade students and has a list of learning objectives, step-by-step instructions, material list, vocabulary, elements of design, and practice pages.

Great back to school lesson if you use the box outline instead of the tree. Every drawing starts with a line.

The first part of the lesson is for K-2nd. I have created a very easy way to learn different types of lines to create simple shapes. The second part of this line lesson is for 3rd-5th grade where I have examples of the zentangle which is an abstract drawing with the use of simple lines.

Learning Objectives

  • Use various lines to create textures.
  • Observe three-dimensional objects and see how lines are used in a variety of ways.
  • Look around the room for simple shapes and lines in objects.
  • Use fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in drawing lines using markers.


  • 9×12 sheet of white construction paper or watercolor paper
  • Black fine-point marker
  • Color pencils, crayons, watercolor paint or markers

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